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Default List of Predictions - Update!

In an effort to get answers to the concerns we all have about the list of predictions I posted on the forum. I went to the horse's mouth and asked what they thought. So, I just got home after a meeting with a senator in my state. It was a long and tortuous evening because I have an allergy to politicians.

The setting was a very informal meeting of influential policy movers and shakers from the area. So, here is how it went down.

First, I asked him if he was going to support compulsory vaccinations......

Quoting myself; "As a health professional I'm concerned with an issue looming on the horizon of mandatory vaccinations. And I'm concerned", I said, "that government is not letting people's doctor's decide along with the people whether it is what they should do."

Continuing I said, "It is time government stop trampling the right to choose our health care options and time the government stop trying to be doctors and let doctors be doctors, and let them make that choice with their patients." Also I added, "If it is mandated I'm afraid there will be a revolt in my profession".

His response was sickeningly political. He craftily skirted the issue of mandates by talking only about the fact that he is against mercury in the vaccines, but wouldn't answer my question on mandates. However, his postition was obvious when he said that vaccines are probably the unsung heroes of all time.

In questions about the economy he answered, "the state is preparing for the economy to get worse so we haven't used any of the rainy day funds this year, we are expecting the economy to be worse next year than it is this year and are holding onto rainy day funds as long as possible because they will probably be needed for next year".

Then I had a long private talk with the man that ran against him and who lost, but is probably going to win his senate seat when the sitting senator leaves this next year.

After small talk I navigated the chat to the possible attacks on America, and asked what he thought. Somewhat taken back he looked at me in the eye and said "I'm aware of the problem". It definitely struck a nerve.

And he then invited me, handing me an invitation, to a showing of a movie he wanted everyone there to come to see that was to shown on July 6th, and you won't believe what it is about.

The movie is entitled, 33 Minutes: Protecting America in the New Missle Age. And here is what it is about. Quoting the website "It is a thrilling, one-hour documentary that tells the story of the very real threat foreign enemies pose to every one of us."

Now, both the topic and timing are there, am I the only one that sees it?

Link to trailer

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