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pretty cool stuff.... I just started getting into building some of this stuff. Tried to build george greens motor but couldnt find a ball bearing that size. So I placed the magnets on some low friction computer fans I have, then put the stator over top. It didnt work, not unless I moved the stator magnets around... kinda like george does in his video.

Now I am not saying its not possible, but his version is kinda like a toy. There are other people out there who have some really convincing stuff like the movies above. Buddy said he had is motor running for like 8 hours the other day. Supposedly there are guys in aussie who have already got models ready that can supply a house with all of its energy needs... models that wont break down for years. I took a look at the units as best I could from the movie, and they look amazing! Sturdy generators, the only replacement parts I could see going are the bearing sets.
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