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Originally Posted by James Casbolt View Post
As I've said before, two factions opposing factions in the intelligence have fought for control over me since before I was thirteen years old.

Because of the issues covered here, I believe a race of cyborgs now lives amongst mankind. Protean beings that are the first of their kind. Again these lifeforms appear to be divided into two classes-

[ 1 ]- AMT ( Ascended Machine Technology ) or androids with souls. Half flesh, half machine that exist to serve, protect and assist mankind.

[ 2 ]- DMT ( Descended Machine Technology )- androids with no souls that exist to do the opposite the AMT.

This data is connected wth a statement Barry King made in the past- namely that an Artificial Intelligence based computer from the AL/499 facility was/is contacting programmed clones by telephone in the UK and activating them for tasks utilising scalar tones and triggers directed into craniel implants. AMT beings do not much possess much free will. Theirs is a life of service. DMT beings possess no free will at all. Benevolent extra-terrestrial lifeforms working closely with positive faction in the intelligence commuinity control the AMT lifeforms. Some type of alien based supercomputer controls the DMT beings and has taken over various military on the planet and is somehow manufacturing cyborg alien lifeforms and cyborg human clones at these places and on travelling craft that are patched into this hive mind. I believe the governemnts have lost control of the situation and do not know who is who anymore. This is why DNA scanners are located are the exits of many government facilities around the world. I believe this supercomputer has taken on a 'life' of it's own and no concious lifeform is at the controls. I also believe we are seeing some kind of human resistance taking direct military action against this threat. Forces such as COM-12 in Naval Intelligence are constantly on the move in submarines for instance as a last stand. It seems certain 'super-soldiers' have volunteered from a young age to live in certain areas of the UK and to be ready for ops in that area when they needed or to be in areas where fast travel by water to other locations in the UK is available. It appears these people have volunteered for voluntary memory erasures when said ops are complete and to be returned into there respective commuinties 'Fallow-Blind' to continue roles in those commuinties as GPA ( General Population Assets ). It seems this super-computer can 'scan' the minds of the population looking for these brave soldiers, both female and male, therefore of the AMT individual is not aware of being part of these as a GPA, the artificial intelligence computer cannot locate them for termination. Ultimately I believe this is a battle of man against machine. I also believe that the DMT cyborgs under total control are the army'governemt described as The Beast in the Bible.

Commander Michael Prince
Could many Human Beings, Supercomputers, and Androids be possessed by Draconian Interdimensional Reptilians aka Demons? Could the two factions mentioned above...really be Zionist (Pleiadian) and Teutonic Zionist (Aldebaran)? Is there a third faction (Andromedan?) which seeks an end to this madness through peaceful means? I tend to think (without inside info) that the two factions (whoever they really are) are not in control of the situation (if they ever were). I think they have both been deceived. Perhaps this would be a good time for all three factions to cooperate with each other...and call upon benevolent perform a Solar System Exorcism. I don't know what the root issues are with the Dracs...but I think they should go now. We can address various grievances in a constructive and appropriate a later date. I continue to support the idea of amnesty for full disclosure, full cooperation, and reasonable restitution...applying to all factions. Who knows...the Dracs might eventually turn out to be model citizens!

All of the above is merely conjecture.
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