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Default Re: Cooking - Most important in emergencies, i freeze things inside the ice,
when going camping

and, its amazing what you can cook up
out in the wild

many people do NOT realise,
that you can actually get energy from the sun

and, that you can breathe, and, fill yourself with air

we do need water

i was conceived in a golden tent, with no floor,
in april in canada in alconquin park
so, i grew up camping

i am lucky being in the organics business,
i could live for many, many years, on my stock of greens,
flower essences etc.,

i have stocked up on a bunch of organic things...
like mangos/and, pineapples,
inca golden berries, tibetan raisins,
peru real chocolate nibs/which can be ground
for hot chocolate...lots of assortments of teas, etc.,
and, all kind of dried things
onions/and, garlic etc.,
jungle peanuts, gogi berries,
and, organic sugars, and, sea salt (it's important)
and, even powdered organic vanilla,
organic grains ...and, all sorts of other good stuff

what's the camping like in the UK ???

canada is amazing to camp

the eXchanger
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