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Exclamation Re: Suppressed Stories

Ok Im already getting some good guests here that have given me their interest.

One of them being Leo Zagami, and could be interesting hearing what he has been up to lately and find out what is going on with him and his involvements.

Other one is a high degree Freemason, 20 years as a mason.

Third one, not quite confirmed yet, but seems to be getting there is Duncan O Finioan.

Still looking for other interesting personalities to join the show as guests, so if you are one, or know some, feel free to contact me.


Do ANYONE know how I can implement a radioshow into my blogger, so that I can run live radio shows, where I can interview people live on radio, have them "call in" and so on?

I haev not found any good solutions for this yet and would greatly appreciate soem insights, thanks
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