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Default Re: My Question is Always When?

Originally Posted by gettingready View Post
I'm going to say this because it will make me feel better.
I'm tired of getting ready.
I think I was getting ready before most people. I felt something
was coming and I wanted to be prepared.

I have to say I've worn myself out worrying about it.
It's not a conscious worry, but I do realize it's there.

I know things are worse in the economy and having stores
is a good thing. Do you think we'll ever really NEED them?
If so, what do you think will trigger that.

thanks a lot!
It's nice to share.rigin
Well if it helps, you are now in a better position than at least 95% of everyone around you!

The "worry" and the "feeling" is your intuition at work, but you seem to have magnified it beyond what was probably intended. Perhaps your higher-self viewed this as an acceptable risk in getting "the message through"? Knowing that you could sort out those "lower priority" problems later

The worry has served its purpose - now it is time to let it pass !

Know that you are not alone! Occasionally either my wife and I get "worry" welling up on us, but between us we managed to coax eachother out of the rut. I sincerely hope that you do feel better !

Do you meditate a little daily? If not, it might be a good time to start. I found that it was the single most helpful thing in my life in keeping me more centred grounded - even when I am not meditating, and helps keeps negative emotions at bay.

We are all loved and cherished by many multitudes of beings - more than we can ever know. Help for all manner of things is available is all there BUT YOU HAVE TO ASK!

>Do you think we'll ever really NEED them?

It depends ... I think it is certainly good that you have them. One day your need may simply be having the means to help someone else. We are all one - so its the same thing anyway.


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