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Default Alternative energy for your home

I am seriously considering converting to solar for my house, it would seem that there are affordable ways to do this now, by building your own panels & doing all the installation yourself. This is a product I found off some website:

It looks pretty good to me, I was wondering if any other members have familiarity with it and what their opinion is, if it is a good guide or if there are any better.

I think it should all be free by the way, but this guide is very inexpensive.
If I or one of us knows how to build solar panels and wind mills-wouldn't it be great if we could post the instructions on this forum?

I want to do something practical and not spend all my time speculating about the illuminati and what's to become of us-and I am sick of paying for electricity when it is entirely possible to get it free.

This is something I have control over and can do-and I want to do it soon!
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