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Default Re: Japan, Big One for San Francisco.

Originally Posted by oceanblue View Post
150,000 casualties (included those missing for just the 2 quakes mentioned) are "Few die" ?
The next-big-one is long-overdue in Tokyo region (current population : 12 million)
Similar notion here...would you consider California safe in regards of San Andreas Fault ?
When would be the next-big-one ?
Hi oceanblue (nice ID),

Of course, as you point out, in total more than a few have died. I was commenting on what was indicated in the post i.e. volcanoes and tsunami. There have been some bad ones and doubtless will be in the future, but again, taking the entire population of the peoples in those regions into account few die from them compared with deaths in other parts of the world -- consider the approximate 300,000 who died in the Indonesian tsunami (some of whom I saw in visionary semiotics via dreams over a few years before the event); and the 5,000 dead in 9/11 is approximately equal to the loss of life in the Kobe Quake.

Most countries have their dangers now which locals tend to learn to live with. Even the idyllic island resorts are in danger of sinking and so many leave for "safer" places. Knew a lady and her family who left the Maldives for Oz.

I certainly wouldn't consider California safe at all. Billy Meier has predicted the big one for San Francisco that he witnessed on a flight to the future with the Plejaren, Quetzal. Billy won't say when that will be, but there were small family cars around with full glass tops rather round in style (perhaps somewhat like a VW). We are getting close to those designs and the technology for glass as strong as steel has now been developed so these are likely to be coming in the very near future. See attachment for 1/2 the artist's impression of the coming SF quake.

Billy Meier also recently predicted a M9 quake for the Oregon/Washington area that will create two tsunami (one really large) that will take many lives. These will probably also reach Japan and cause considerable damage here, though Japan will presumably have several hours warning.

The big one for Tokyo is overdue, but there have also been many smaller ones of M5-6 which may have defused the possibility of the large one happening in the near future, but time will tell, of course. There will be a very large quake M8 or so off the cost in the Nankai Trough that will probably be felt where I am. There is danger of a large tsunami from this one too, as it will be off the coast near Wakayama almost certainly by 2030. Japan is a mountainous country, however, so people are soon out off reach of the tsunami though people and places do get caught, of course.

The advanced warning system here is second to none in the world. Everyone watching TV knows within a few minutes whenever, wherever and at what magnitude a quake occurs, and a tsunami warning is given out on all TV stations immediately there is danger of one. Quake info comes up typed over whatever TV program happens to be on and NTT have a continuous program for all such details.

Japan has been around since prehistoric times when dinosaurs roamed (which means it's survived every passage of Nibiru if you believe that line), which many in the West are apt to forget or not be aware of, and I consider inland Japan to be reasonably safe from the major damages of large tsunami and other challenges of the future.

There is danger here in Japan for the future IMO, but perhaps not more so when all's considered than elsewhere. The climactic damages (from WW III and the cosmos) -- if it comes to that -- will occur in the West, in Europe and the USA according to Nostradamus and other sources. I'm writing a book on this currently so you'll be able to read all about it later -- and this is later, not around 2012 as so many are fond of thinking.
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