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Smile Re: In this space and time~ share your visions of the future/now

Thank you, for all the visions - this is a great thread!

I have a dream of coming together with others of like frequency in a sacred space of loving joyfulness and co-creating conscious archetypes to grow the seeds of consciousness to the highest possible evolution... to dance and celebrate our expanded Divine Essence in total surrender, love and tender gentleness while imaging a new model of reality through the holograms of sacred geometry - the dancing, pulsating energy that is the form behind the manifested forms in the world. To birth new realities and define and depict ever expanding fields of consciousness that are beyond time, space and limits of any kind..

In effortless mastery will be created such ecstatic harmonies of improvised
perfection as to send chills of rapture up the spine of Creation!

I am ignition, spiraling starburst,
golden star trail of the harmonics
of perceptual star interlace.
I am a springboard propulsion
into glorious spark-filled flight.
In ecstatic ascent, I spread bright solar wings,
awakening in the immensity of a love
that joins all things in the joyful dance of light!

Ariel Spilsbury says it best for me...
in her Sacred Theatre Interview (1 of 2)

In grace and gratitude,
--I am the joyous Cosmic Dancer !
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