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Lightbulb Re: In this space and time~ share your visions of the future/now

Thank you both~
Cymatic Veilbegone and dear Mudra~
for keeping this thread and visions of the future/now alive

In order to blaze a new path and have a clear vision of the future/now
may~ I suggest a short book from Ramtha

"The Plane Of Bliss~ On Earth As In Heaven"

Please note~
it was recommended by my friend and new partner

It has helped me to begin too drop the veils
and shed the burdensome weights~
that have held me for oh ~so long~ upon this plane

O my beloved God,

I awaken to your presence
in the present.
O my beloved God,
deliver me from my past
and reclaim my kingdom.
O my beloved God,
bring forward in me
the great virtues
that I shall be deservant of.
O my beloved God,
God bless my body
and change my life.
So be it.

To life.

one fine morning
prepare to cast off

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