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Default Re: breaking news; Gary McKinnon

Originally Posted by Ammit View Post
Who is to say the malware and virus writers dont actually work for the malware and virus defeating industry?
My brother's friend used to work as a software engineer for a famous antivirus company & guess what? Nailed it! Job Security.

Shyt-stem is right. In ancient paid the doctor a monthly sum when you were healthy, so the healthier the community was, the wealthier the doctor was. Win/Win. Harmonious. Symbiotic.

From Gary's account, these guys left the equivalent of the side entrance to the Pentagon open over the weekend.

"War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength." - Come On. This is getting pretty tired. This secretive competition based BS is OV-ER! Bring out all the dirt laundry, lets deal with it and evolve.
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