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Default Re: Time to leave Europe

Hi Alterego,

I'm sure that you're doing the right thing, especially because you have family in South Africa and the fact that South Africa is one of the few more peaceful areas on the planet.

I did the same (only without the family) back in 91 when I came to Brazil. Even if over here the country gets dragged into a war, I can still get off to the more remote countryside where I have a small farm.

It seems that the US is losing international strength and is trying to get the international community to fight its' battles - the military has already been stretched to its' limits.

So where do we go from here? The economic situation in Ireland I imagine is made far worse by the fact that the country used to be the most affluent in Europe, and even if the economy gets brought down to the same level as the UK, the Irish population will feel the pinch more exactly because of this difference in lifestyle.

here in Brazil, the lifestyle is much more modest, even could be called pimitive by certain standards, which makes the fall more manageable as there will be little change in living standards.

But all said and done, when you get back to South Africa, don't forget that the internet is global and continue posting informing how you are getting on and adapting.

Best regards,


Originally Posted by Alterego View Post
I've decided it's time to leave Ireland, and head back to South Africa...

Recent world events have led me to the conclusion that the further from Europe i get the better. I have two weeks left at work, have given my car back to the finance company (hehe) getting my house rented out and half way through packing, then...gone

I'm in the fortunate postion where my father has some land with 3 houses on it, one of which i'm moving into; and already has work lined up...

The plan is to get as self sufficient over there as possible, and see whatever the future brings
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