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Default Re: MALAYSIA / ASIA, anyone?

Originally Posted by warriorsoul View Post
hi thai folks,
Good questions!

1. What do you believe will be happening. This would be your motivation for choosing your location? low land, high land, flat open area, surrounded by mountain, middle of mountain, moutain top, jungle, ect...

Motivation is two-fold. First, anticipation of collapse of civilization/infrastructure - food supply, gasoline, money system, government, etc. Second, is quality of life. Just want to be able to grow organic and tasty food, have space to walk and bicycle, breathe clean air, avoid traffic jams and pollution, take care of animals, meditate, etc.
Location - want to be near good water supply, good soil, away from dense populations, near to virgin forest. So in the mountains but not remote or too inaccessible.

2. What type of a shelter are you setting up. above ground, underground (how deep), both?

Mainly above ground but would like one smallish building underground or earth covered. This is mainly to serve as a root cellar to store foods but can be used as emergency shelter if the need arises.

3. Foods? Buy foods (including water) that can be stored for years, make your own, or both?

Aim is to grow all food ourselves (plants but also ducks, goats, fish) and get water from rain/river/well. Many options for water filtering, from charcoal, sand, solar, moringa seeds, alum, etc. But will also store a lot of food. For instance, we plan to grow coffee, but will have enough coffee stored until this is viable. Plan to grow sugar cane, but will have sugar stored. Plan to grow fish, but will have fish stored (tuna/salmon). Plan to make bio-diesal (from jatropha, palm oil, etc) but will have diesal stored.

4. How do you set up your security? Are you arming yourself?

Security through good location, natural barriers (such as thorny plants/rattans) and simple walls/fence where needed (such as to protect gardens from animals). No plan at all for guns but thinking of getting a crossbow for fun, possible hunting and self-protection if needed.
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