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Default Re: Finding community

If you're in the Zulu Kingdom (KwaZulu-Natal) you might like to look up The Valley Trust, a local NGO in the scenic Thousand Hills area. Some info

The Valley Trust

In rural communities, socio-economic problems are compounded by limited skills and resources. The solution lies in breaking the cycles by challenging traditional ways of doing things and in utilising the potential within communities. This is the ethos behind the Valley Trust Organisation. Starting with essential health care, a range of empowerment projects have evolved where community members participate democratically in projects conceived and jointly undertaken with them.

The Simunye handcraft project is based on indigenous knowledge and skill passed from generation to generation in Zulu culture. With over 1500 affliates around the Valley of 1000 Hills in 5 tribal areas, the association produces and sells traditional Zulu bead and art work locally, nationally and Internationally. The Simunye project is self managed and administered and carefully researched with a thriving sales office based at The Valley Trust Conference Centre. International delegates like those form World Conference Against Racism, XIIIth Annual Conference on AIDS and the Commonwealth conference before it, who came to The Valley Trust for project site visits, offer great opportunities for these projects to expand their market to places as far afield as Japan.

This events also stimulate the economy by supporting local transport suppliers who ferry delegates around the valley to project sites and the Trust's catering sector benefits from providing lunches and refreshments.

Conferencing is an area with great potential to strengthen the capacity of individuals and communities. For more about the centre set in the scenic Valley of a Thousand Hills, please Tel: 031 7771955 or visit
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