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Default Re: Project Camelot video interview with Dr Bill Deagle

Heads Up My Fellow Members!

Please understand that I merged Topper's thread with this one.
Nothing personal against Topper it is just a little tiddying up.

EDIT: I also moved Oiran's thread of the Phone interview into this thread as well.

Please feel free to PM me or any staff member if you all have any questions OR complaints via PM ONLY!

We will delete anything in that regard if done in the Open thread.
This is what PMs are for.

Much Appreciated! Now lets ENJOY...shall we?

FYI: I am on once a day for now. Something cam up that is taking a lot of my time so if I 'seem' slow to responding to any PMs please bear with me.
You are NOT forgotten and I will respond as fast as possible from my end.

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