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Default Re: Why making God unfashionable never works..

Originally Posted by aroundthetable View Post
Is it a desirable thing to cast aside our teachers? Is it a good train of thought to be 'above' them? Would a Christian discard Christ? Would a child discard its parents? I feel we should love and respect our teachers through the ages, and that to feel above them would actually be a fall down.

Any thoughts my friends?
Part two of my answer.
The Buddha said put no head above your own.

I personally would not consider myself to be above or better than anyone, and certainly not spiritual greats, who have done so much for the world.
To feel above would be egoic lacking in humility -- pride comes before a fall.

Christ said, cant remember exactly but along the lines of this "You can do this and even more." Such was his humility.
Christ pointed to the Father our Creator at all times, I dont think he wanted a religion set up in his name, he was totally for God. The Father and I are One.
However Christ is the Savior and if asked will intercede on your behalf at the gates of heaven.

Hawkins says devotion due only to God but love and respect all others.

Ramesh Balsekar the Advaita teacher whom I met had a picture of Ramana who he said was the Guru's Guru even though Nasargadatta was his teacher.

Its not that any of the Holy Books you mention should be cast aside for they are eternal in Tuth just the teachers books set aside, they can allways be picked up again if necessary.
Group identity can be formed too, Im a Hawkins follower, Im an Eckhart follower, im a this Im a that, all spiritual ego. Even identifying with a major religion like Buddism, Its almost like saying my way is better, I know.

Its between me and God no one else, no religion not even a teacher.

Basically I am in agreement with you underthetable.

I would however point out that the success rate, enlightenment, of following any teaching is not high perhaps because an atachment can be formed to the teacher and teaching. This creates a duality and then the Father and I are not One.

Its subtle but there you have my feeling on it.

My last thought is that it would be ok if I never read another word on spirituality.
There is a difference in knowing about it and being it.
The teaching is so deeply ingrained, its like living the prayer, the depth will mature but its solid after thirty five years of reading, practicing, failing, getting up again., im in it for life.
I am in God's hands, He is in my heart.

Thanks again for the thread aroundthetable.
With love and respect

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