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Default Re: Why making God unfashionable never works..

Originally Posted by aroundthetable View Post
Is it a desirable thing to cast aside our teachers? Is it a good train of thought to be 'above' them? Would a Christian discard Christ? Would a child discard its parents? I feel we should love and respect our teachers through the ages, and that to feel above them would actually be a fall down.

Any thoughts my friends?

My friend, just to clarify your Q.; a more correct one will be: Would a christian discard Jesus?
What I mean is that Jesus did not have his last name Christ.
However, He (not ego) became Christ which means His physical body reflected God, (Creator embodied in human flesh).
We all on the path of spirituality should pursue Christhood. Please read the following quote, hope it will help you understand.

When Jesus said "no man cometh to the father but by me" he did not refer to his historical person, nor to an exclusivist religion that claims to represent him. He was referring directly to a state of consciousness that we might call higher consciousness, enlightenment, cosmic consciousness or the Christ consciousness.

This universal state of consciousness is what the Gospel of John refers to as the Word, but the correct translation is the LOGOS. This Logos is the basic state of consciousness that God created before God started to create the world of form. Therefore, everything is created out of the Christ consciousness. The purpose of the Christ consciousness is to ensure oneness between the Creator and its creation.

God had planned to create self-aware extensions of itself human beings are some of them and give them free will. God knew that this made it possible for us to descend into a state of consciousness in which we could forget our origin as extensions of God's own Being. We could come to see ourselves as separated from an external God instead of seeing God within ourselves.
Love and light,

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