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Default Re: Why making God unfashionable never works..

Good morning One and all.
Spiritual is a bit like down the rabbit hole.
The further you go the more you discover to keep or put aside.
Ultimate Truth. Only God Is.
However that is not helpful to where we are at the moment.
There is no ego just a bundle of thoughts claiming to be I.
Thats not helpful to begin with.

Without being judgmental its surprises me that at least some Christians dont know the history of the Bible. Its first big alteration was at the Council of Nancia around about 400AC. I have the essence not the detail.
Books of the original bible were dropped, Revelations was brought in.
All reference to past life was dropped except one about John the Baptist.

I therfore place my faith in the word of those here and now who are enlightened including those of recent history ie Ramana, Nasargadatta, Yogananda who's words were faithfully coppied and put in book while they were still alive.
Who knows for sure what was said thousands of years ago, though the essence remains.

Of all, without exception, that I have read, Dr David Hawkins gives the most detailed information on the path to enlightenment and what the state of enlightenment is from an experiential position. Not written by followers, not written after death, written by him.

Web site

His life history can be found on the site.
We tend to think if some one is of our time and place ( a prophet in his own country etc) then the teaching cant be as valid as one from India, Nepal or another century. Need that be so?
Enlightenment is enlightenment.
Enlightenment is to be in Christ consciousness.
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