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Default Re: Why making God unfashionable never works..

Of course you are right my friend Frank.
The advice given me was. " If the goal is enlightenment then spend time with those who are in that state, in person if possible or via book" On questioning why the importance of being with a Sage/Mystic it was explained that the high spiritual energy of the Sage attaches to the auric field of the student and there is then an activation of kundalini spiritual energy/holyspirit within, traditionally called "The Grace of the Guru" (words can only point to truth).
The Self of the student is the same as the Self of the teacher.
So its down to spiritual energy rather than words though the books/words contain degrees of spiritual energy.
I was drawn to spend time on several ashrams, attend talks given by Eckhart Tolle, every spare penny I had was spent on the quest for Truth. That was necessary for me but not necessarily so for others.
I still read because of the uplifting energy.
Like you my book shelf is virtually empty, they served their purpose.
The mind is virtually silent.
While it seems the story is about me and my experiences I dont think I had a choice, Once one is committed to finding God within then spiritual intention leads to a synchronism thats leads one where one needs to be.
With love
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