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Default Re: Lets pin down our beliefs first

hi there sammy boy!

I, on my part, am not very convinced upon the "End of Days" theory. Having said that, it will be really interesting following the possible global developments in terms of financial crisis etc as we head towards 2012. Very shortly, it will become clearer how right (or wrong) the "whistle-blowers" and other interviewees were.

If there IS a major catastrophe, I think it is better to perish and start another life-cycle in another realm than to search for a safe place to hole up in, for, believe me, in that scenario, you would not like to life in the world that emerges.

Then again, I may change my tune if events start unfolding in that very direction. But in that case, it would be really good if things are planned out on a scale which can result in a sustainable "village" community. Which means dedication, involvement and support of a very large number of people. It just doesnt make sense for a small motely group to hole up to ride out the crises, only to find themselves in a world in which they no longer fit.

BTW, what do you think the "hits" on this site would have been, had there been no prophecy about the "End of Days," but only matter related government conspiracies and hidden secrets and financial crises?
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