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Default Re: Lets pin down our beliefs first

Originally Posted by sentinel2107 View Post
If there IS a major catastrophe, I think it is better to perish and start another life-cycle in another realm than to search for a safe place to hole up in, for, believe me, in that scenario, you would not like to life in the world that emerges.
I never accept and never support this kind of statement from any person. If we can't fight for our lifes then thats really is a shame. Remove the fear in you and be responsible for whatever happens in your life. Don't ever let someone else take over you. Ask these yourselves -"Why in this world I'm can't live my life for my wish? Who are the NWO,etc, etc, crooked @#$% people to control my life?" - because they have no rights over you life, not anyone's life. We control our future. Be responsible and positive.
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