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Default Re: Lets pin down our beliefs first

Originally Posted by sentinel2107 View Post
I guess you are in your twenties. Good hot blood (No I am not joking)
Remember most of the whistleblowers, Alex Jones, Congressmen like Dr.Ron paul, none of them are young. You can also check out people in this forum. It is because they are out there for the good, for not just their lives but for the humanity. It is who they are and what their age is now that matters. It is what they do that defines them and gives meaning to their life today. My life is such a worthy one for me. It just can't be left to someone else to decide things on my life. Thats all I can say. Rest is upto you.

Today 700bn$ bailout has become a failure. This is a good thing I was hoping to happen. Just this bailout drama alone has awakened many people in America. I'm so happy and I hope its the same for the American people since the neo-con's monopoly plans have failed and money is saved. The crisis is making people become aware of the case 2.
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