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Default Re: Lets pin down our beliefs first

Originally Posted by sam41 View Post
finding a shelter might be a problem sentinal
i was actually considering joining the monks in nepal or tibet before a couple of months ago atleast i will gain some spritiual knowledge when the entire civilization goes down
Thats a nice idea, sammy!
However, at the risk of repeating myself, I am referring to a possible community (group of people with complementary skills) which can survive out the "ordeal" and progress thereafter as a self-sustaining community.
So, for the sake of laying out a plan, lets first have a formulary for the "shelter" aspect of things.
If the Decccan is a no-no, then it is the Himalayas (it lies on a tectonic fault, BTW) which remains, assuming that we stay within the country.
And, again, where do we hole up in during the "transition" period -- in caves? Do realise that, eventually, the community will need a walled enclosure (sort of a fortification) for security and settling down.
Views please!
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