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Default Re: Deutsche Bürger werden krank..bitte bestätigen


I`m not feeling well either. please read my post to AMPGOD`s thread "Los Angeles, CA. Chemtrails Stopped?"
it was about a month ago that i received an inofficial info which came directly from the chief in charge of all childrens hospitals in the canton (state) of zurich…. they saw the worst kind of bacterial infection ever spread on a 7year old kid is still unknown where and when the boy picked up the bacteria (when exactly it struck) but sure is that when the bacteria became active the boys arms and legs turned black within 2 hours and had to be amputated completely…lately i`ve also heard of grown up people who had to get surgery and skin transplants because of a similar but not identical infection (not as aggressive)…..the disease that cost the boy his limbs in two hours…must have been the worst case of a meningococcal disease ever...(a real bummer)….…
..please don`t count on health officials to go public when something out of the ordinary is happening; they first want to find out what it exactly is and more...and that can take a while...
please inform yourselves about "multiple drug resistant tuberculosis" which seems to spread alarmingly fast..also be aware of the reports of flu vaccines containing H5N1 DNA..


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