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Default Re: Deutsche Bürger werden krank..bitte bestätigen

Originally Posted by borrasca2012 View Post
didn"t saw here any trails....

und laub hab ich schon lange nicht mehr gesehen...

jaja, so ist das hier am nördlichsten zipfel europas....71grad nord

no trails no laub, but much stars

perhaps u try to put some hydergin in ur drinking-water

and stay away from the leaves if u get sick of it.....

and that ur so is not playing in the leaves....

WWW.DRINK2H2.COM !!!!!!!!

thanks for the link..

had some oxygen-liquid in the past...

believe me, i`ll only work in the garden from now on with proper "protection" ..

chemtrails are all over our sky, the trouble with switzerland is, that it is the "crossing point" for european air traffic..europes most busy crossing point was/is the "Trasadingen beacon" which is handled by "skyguide" (swiss air trafic control).

i got a huge medical oxygen bottle in the fallout shelter....I`ll get some "fresh air" later....good idea....
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