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Default Re: More PROOF of LIFE on MARS - Video

I've seen those images a few times on a Russian site I frequent to get a bit of other perspectives on news. I at first thought they were trees initially as well. But I'm really not convinced they are. I can't seem to distinguish any shadows or depth of light on those black lines. I would love them to be trees, but they just don't really seem to be trees. The video you linked has numerous close ups of different patterns, that even convince me more that they aren't trees.

Do you remember those things that were essentially a long glass bar on a see-saw that was filled with black and blue sand, and some sort of oily water? They were useless but kinda popular with hippies. Well some of the images remind me of the two sands mixing like that.

I don't know what it is, and I'm not sure if NASA knows what it is, because most of those guys are pretty narrow minded, but I doubt its trees.

I wouldn't be too upset if I was wrong though.
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