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Default Re: New Zealand Ground Crew

Yes, even in the rural parts of NZ, your community is important. You need to have a sense of contribution and help others. So yes, being prepared to communicate with people and being part of a community is a good start.
Hiding in the hills behind a barb wire fence with guns, eating freeze dried food is a bit too paranoid for me.
Auckland could be a ok if you have a quarter acre with plenty of garden. It'd be pretty easy to get a collective going between neighbours, that way you can specialise in growing a few crops and trade with your excess produce. The climate is humid and warm so you can grow anything up there. My nana lived next to some Samoans and they had a banana tree!
If your're in an apartment, I'd be thinking of an alternative living arangement. It just won't cut it moving forward. Property in NZ has never been more affordable, a good time to get that bit of land, something to consider anyway.
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