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Default Re: New Zealand Ground Crew


Is it just me or doesnt it seem like theres much activity on the New Zealand forums, is this because most of our mates are asleep or are we all just waiting for the right time.
Anyway, since we'v got a place to chat specifically for our country why dont we talk about whats generally going on here and start sharing some information.
Now just to start off is it safe to assume im not the only nzer whose watched the project camelot videos? Or maybe seen Zeitgeist and heard of jordan maxwell and michael tsarion, or maybe uv heard of david icke or david wilcock, maybe even had a look at some of the conscious media network interviews.
I know theres heaps more but some of the ideas held by these people can do with some debate right.. anyone got something to add or possibly links to other interesting information? the least we can do is to get on the same page as each other right..

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