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Default Re: New Zealand Ground Crew


While there are only a comparative few commenting, at last viewing the stats showed 33 posts with 1,155 visits to this tread, some people are getting the message.

Community wise we certainly don't appear to be strong as last time I looked at the NZ Social listing there were only 2 on it. To my way of thinking that should be the forum for setting up a local information/Resource exchange under the appropriate "survival" threads
Current news and 'alerts' are great on this the main forum, but trying to research it for specific topics becomes difficult and time consuming.

There are a lot of people out there waiting or wanting to be woken up, particularly with the current financial fiasco. I download a lot of the interviews from Camelot and other sites and put them on CD/DVD's. A few friends and a lot of the kids (adult & teenage) friends borrow or copy them.

By the same token there are others that appear to think that we are 'fringe dwellers'

Lets hope we get more 'Life' on the NZ. While it may go against the general NZ conservative nature to express opinion in public, here at least you have the opportunity to do it as anonymously as you wish.

(Have just rechecked the listing and see that you have added yourself to it - Great)

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