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Default Re: New Zealand Ground Crew

Hi Peter,

Be discerning with the information you look at. The internet is like walking into a libray with all the books lying on the floor.

I wouldn't worry about the setnet ban and 1080. In a few years the Government is likely to have no money, you'll be lucky if anyone is there to answer the phones. There are plenty of people currently living off their own land in NZ, no one is stopping you joining them if you want, be prepared to do some work though.

I also doubt council workers are telling coast dwellers to move due to 'tidal waves', more like explaining how storm surges due to rising ocean levels will begin to encroach on our coastal land. These residents would be wanting their councils to do more to protect their way of life. Councils are hip to the diminishing returns of coastal properties. Anyone dumb enough to still be holding onto high-risk coastal property will realise soon enough the limitations of this living arrangement.
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