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Default Re: New Zealand Ground Crew

Hi people, Optix I just hope you are good friends with the Maori up there as that is Ngapuhi country-in other words they are the ones that ate white people, longpork they called us! But they ate each other too! That was a 100 yeras ago to be sure but if things got bad enough they would be quite happy to revert to it I'm sure!
Down here in the SAouth Island there is only 1 million people compared to 3 million for the north island.
There is no methamphetimine freaks here either. A local cop told me that in Dunedin and Invergargill there is no problem with that but in Christchurch there is. I lived in Hamilton for 25 years and have been here 10 yeras. it was the best thing I've ever done,moving here that is. The people are nicer and more intelligent per capita too.
Feel free to look me up (anyone that reads this) if you ever visit or move down this way. And it's not as cold as people think! That's a disinfo thing to keep the idiots away!
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