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Default Re: New Zealand Ground Crew

I've thought carefully about posting this - and have now decided it is the right move. Sorry for the re-post, I also posted this in the other NZ thread.

I thought I should share with all of you that I contacted Maximise on here, regarding NZ ground crew plans. He was friendly at first, then upon viewing my website which outlines my artist/musician profile of a more spiritual nature - he outright judged me and said he wasn't interested in the kind of work I do, and that I basically wasn't welcome.

He then signed the email he sent me, LEADER, of some Aotearoa group.

I feel it is important that there is transparency, in these early formative stages...and we all need to be careful about who we associate ourselves with to co-create these ground crews & bases.

Personally, anyone calling themselves a leader, who judges others without even finding out about them directly - I would be concerned about their assumed role of "leader".

I am not interested in further fueling this conflict, nor having a public war with anyone. We have enough disharmony already on this planet. I approach people on here, for support, collaboration & co-creation. I don't believe it is acceptable for anyone to judge, exclude, or label THEMSELVES or anyone else. That's just continuing with old dysfunctional behaviours of segregation and EGO.

As I wrote to Maximise : "A united community presents an inpenetrable front against corruption."

I wish you all the best in finding the right leaders, and collaborators to work with - conscious, open, loving, passionate individuals all about working TOGETHER for a better world.

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