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Default Re: New Zealand Ground Crew

Thankx Dakini7, like you I believe we should be open and truthfull on this forum.
I contacted Maximise myself after reading his 1st post but when I saw he signed himself leader the warning lights started flashing, I personally have no desire to be in anyones flock.
Like you my wife Rosie and I are both Artists/musicians and we are also very spiritually inclined, so he won't be wanting us amongst his followers, Baa.
I doubt very much that you, Maximise will find many people here ready to take you on as their leader. The majority here are Free souls thats why they are here, the ones looking for leaders are sitting in front of their televisions or tugging on the priests cassock.
The EGO desires recognition, control and power over others we have to leave our ego's behind and accept to share the responsibility of decision making.
Arguably some people need and want to be guided, like the weak willed the mentally handicapped and of course young children and we all have a responsibility to help those individuals who ask for help. I never imagined that any of the ground crew members would want to follow a leader it seems so strange to me, isn't that where humanity up till now has gone wrong.
Thankx again Dakini7 I hope we meet one day,
Bye for now, Peter.
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