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Default Re: Avalon Galactic Farmers and Artisans Market Network

Here is the basic system that I am researching.

I have not read it all and am doing so today. I know of another group in my area that uses this system, they are a small group and only meet once a year., but I have heard many good things about them!

Well take a look. Interested to get as many people involved as I can. So if your feeling stuck like half the posts are doom and gloom about the money crashing...who cares...good bye...good riddance...its about time

Lets quit watching the old paradigm crash and burn and start creating the new light ways of the future for if we do not, all that will be left to do is watch the system collapse.


Please take a look. I would be interested in hearing all your feedback. In fact I cannot do this without you

Have a nice day,
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