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Default Re: Avalon Galactic Farmers and Artisans Market Network

Hi, JT, I'm starting to track with you on this. I'm even seriously considering calling my secret recipe for doughnuts and the resulting doughnuts "Galactic Doughnuts".

I envision the following commercials at some point:

The Commercial opens with a pod of Greys getting ready to start working on a prone body that is covered with a white sheet. They pull the sheet back and there is a smiling human offering them a doughnut or a box of doughnuts and then all the greys and the reptilian are eating the doughnuts, implying that your implanting worries are now over.

Another commercial, all these little buddhas walking around after they come out of this cosmic doughnut store, the planet filled with little tubby buddhas glowing from the glowing doughnuts.

Galactic doughnuts: ETS drive from light years around to eat these magic doughnuts -- it's true, it's really going to happen too. They may like my auditing, but they're going to LOVE my doughnuts!!

doughnut hug,
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