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Default Re: For those with eyes to see and ears to hear

There seems to be a problem created with that interpretation. If there is any mission for anyone it is too help humanity, unfortunately people misunderstand how to do this.

Read the article concerning WWIII and a very obvious truth is there. That is if we are full of conflict internally how are we supposed to end conflict externally? That is impossible. The reality is we are full of hate, anger, greed, pride, ect. These are the origin of conflict. So before we can really help the external world we must first save our own internal world. That is our internal microcosmos.

It is very easy to see the degeneration that is occuring. There is more violence, hatred, slavery, ect. happening around the world then ever before. If anything this should motivate us to work harder to help this suffering humanity. To sincerly do this we must investigate this idea of "I". Until we understand ourselves we will make mistakes about where to focus our efforts in life.

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