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Default Re: Beware of 'sleeper'

Hi, Guys:

Thanks for your contributions here.

Wearing my moderator hat, not my member hat. [We briefly corresponded with Sleeper (Lou Baldin), a couple of years ago, but never met him. We're familiar with his material. Linda Howe has also serialized a book he wrote on her Earthfiles site.]

It's an interesting topic. I have information, for instance, that a book some other person has written recently is a hoax. But I've not started a thread about it.

On Camelot, there are potential witnesses we've not taken up because we're not confident their testimony is reliable. We just ignore them and focus on the positive.

What Kerry and I would like here is to follow that way of thinking: to focus on positives. We can - if we choose - turn this entire Forum into a collective rant about things and people we think are phony. But it'd add no value and would just lower the tone.

My advice and request: ignore stuff that you think is invalid - as a proactive action. If SOMEONE ELSE starts a thread about it, then chip in with your view - and respect the views that are already there. If you have facts, then be specific and offer them. If you have an opinion, make sure you say it's just an opinion and allow people to have theirs. (Facts and opinions are not the same!)


We're all just getting started here, and this is all cool. No criticism of anyone here. But it's helped Kerry and myself to realize that we'd prefer not to have threads started with criticism of someone out there who's not here anyway to defend themselves.


What the Avalon Forum is not:

This is not a site about argument or debate of general UFO issues. There are plenty of those already.

What the Avalon Forum IS:

It's about networking, resources, communities, working together. We're happy to include threads about Camelot witnesses and Camelot topics - but 'Sleeper' is NONE of those.

'Sleeper' is not a Camelot witness, and was mentioned by John Lear on camera only very briefly indeed, two years ago. It doesn't really count as a topic here, and we at Camelot aren't personally very interested and don't see real value in the discussion. There are a lot of other much more interesting and valuable topics to discuss... and we very much welcome your contributions on those other threads.

Very best to all - Bill

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