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Smile Re: Beware of 'sleeper'

Originally Posted by Bill Ryan View Post

On Camelot, there are potential witnesses we've not taken up because we're not confident their testimony is reliable. We just ignore them and focus on the positive.

What Kerry and I would like here is to follow that way of thinking: to focus on positives.

Nice post there Bill.

Yeah, I've been in alien UFO Usenet Newsgroups nearly everyday for about 7 years. And that is the place where attacks and slander and arguments and disinformation are rife. Although I was polite 99% of the time.
We also had a lot of fun there. And it was a heck of an experience.

I'm enthusiastic about Project Avalon because
I know we are all going to get positive, intelligent,
skilled, 'In The Know' people here.

So, this is all just amazing!
Very good work!

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