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Default Re: An urgent call to mankind

Originally Posted by watchZEITGEISTnow View Post
Billy never resonated very highly with me personally. No offence.


Beside the (and I'm guessing here) Pleiadians telling us in this message we are undeniably, inevertably, beyond any doubt, up the creek without a paddle (or even a creek by the sounds of this message) - WHAT THE HELL IS THE POINT?

I don't believe the Pleiadians are this way inclined. My proof? none. My reason? So you tell me Bill, these bringers of love and light, spiritually developed waaaaay beyond our futile years of existence, experiences in things we can only dream about... come here... to you... and you alone... just to tell us this? No. I don't believe it. I think you may believe it, that is your choice. I don't believe it. And to put this message out on the rather strategic (if not marketing genius) date, be it "the unofficial date gone cyber viral 14th ye holy month of October 2008 GFL TOUCHDOWN!

Micheal Horn should be ashamed of himself.

Now... the real story of the day... have 'they' arrived yet? :P


Namaste, Member watchZEITGEISTnow,

Your are certainly entitled to your own taste and opinion, but please, do take into consideration that i, Member RakaR, am solely responsible for this post - neither Mr Horn, nor Mr Billy have nothing whatsoever to do with my initiative.
Besides, there is actually nothing new here - this information is from 1951, 1958, 1964; it was published for the very first time in 1951 and has been since then freely accessible to the Public - apart from the fact that, what back then was a Prophecy, is now about to become a Prediction.

Plejarens had more to tell us, they told us more and they still do - Mr Meier provides us with a huge material, going from Life on other Planets, in other Galaxies and Dimensions, to The Origin of Existence, Ancient Human History; from Astronomy and Physics to Social Sciences...
The Plejarens do tell us that they are neither Gods nor Engels, but just other Members of the Great Human Family.
They also constantly remind us that we, Earth Humans, have enormous Potential, that our Spirit is infinite and connects us to the First Source, while strongly onderlining our Self Responsibility.
They share with us their Spiritual Teachings, including an Universal Peace Meditation, whereby other Humans from other places in the vastness of Space, join their Spiritual Forces with us.

I think that it would be useful and more productive to focus our sharp and critical mind on the information itself, on its accuracy and importance as we move forward.



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