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Default Re: An urgent call to mankind

When reading this post the first word that popped into my mind was illuminate propaganda. I read Billy Mier's book back in the 90's and have made some very interesting observations on one particular person who has promoting his work. This particular person promotes the illuminate's agenda and is exceptionally negative. He uses Mier's work as a means to grandstand while promoting his own particular agenda which is the antithesis of Mier's intention.

The reality is that this planet is heading into crossing the galatic plane and most of the earth changes can be directly atributed to this oncoming event. It is true that a few control the many and subsequently it is these few who set the negative example (lust for greed, money and power) for the many as well. Although some of the facts sited in this message are true, the conclusions are mixed. Some conclusions could possible be sited as true while a number of others could be sited as false. There is much vitrol in this message and the energy is exceptionally negative. This message is one of blame, hopelessness and is intended to be disheartening. It really does not belong here.
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