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Default 21/12/2012: Temple Mount or Luxor the place to be?!

I'm taking a big leap from the current economic crisis to the possible end or turningpoint of history, and ask myself the ultimate question: where to be on December 21st, 2012?

From a pure spiritual point of view, I'm currently hesitating between 2 choices: the Temple Mount of Jerusalem because Jesus might descend there from heaven, or Luxor. There has to be some significance to the correlation between the three major pyramids of Egypt and the belt of Orion. Maybe these pyramids were there for a special reason that will be revealed on this important astronomical date...(on the other hand, if some major disaster occurs, I become a lost stranger instead of a paying tourist in Egypt, which somehow seems less appealing. The real downside is of course being surrounded by a desert totally devoid of any natural resource - including water).
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