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Default Re: Beware of 'sleeper'

I have been conversing with Sleeper (Lou Baldin) on his forum for sometime, but I have now left that forum. Every question I asked was responded to and it was the same with everyone else. I went to his forum thinking that there is a grain of truth in it. I have lost a lot of faith in him because of his stance on the current Geo-political events and his stance on certain political figures. But nevertheless, I chose to quietly leave the forum and not criticize him for all of this or even take him on. I dont have the right to do so because I have no evidence that he is wrong. He may actually be right and its just that I am not being able to accept it. So basically the point is that if you think that he is not correct or is faking then leave him alone and get on with your work. Personally, I think he delivers a good message, whether hoax or not, and someone doing that deserves to be given space and respected.
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