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Default Re: In this space and time~ share your visions of the future/now

I Am God/Woman realized and with that vision/purpose held steadily in mind by the God that dwells within me, I journey one step at a time to that glorious realization.

My humanity/personality I take in hand and allow the knowledge to accumulate. I allow the wornout beliefs and attitudes that have kept me in this cage to fall away one by one.

When I stumble I pick myself up and carry on and the truth is a Shining Light before me. My internal guidance system becomes stronger as the Divine showers this poor limited earth with Light and Knowledge. The dark places are Illumined by the Sacred and all is transformed.

I watch with humility, humbleness and deep pride as my brothers and sisters get off their knees and walk with ever determined steps to enlightenment.

This future is assured. This is our destiny.

Love and LIght


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