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Default Re: alien agenda taking place proof is in my story and the infrastructure already bui

Originally Posted by Karen View Post
This guy describes the average Joe, but I don't think he describes even a small percentage of the people at Avalon. I have almost nothing - a computer, some books for research purposes, and a $6000 1999 used car to reliably get me from here to there and back again.

What does the OP of this thread Kevin Rush have? Nothing. He is homeless. When he tries to get a job, "they" intervene before he can even be hired. He uses the computer in the library from San Francisco now - and gets 15 minutes at a time, then gets to wait in line again. Who has really read all that he has posted about his story and why he is trying to tell it? He used to be a photographer minding his own business before he got caught in their web. He loved life.

"Eternal life in heaven" as batteries in their space ships is what Kevin says they have planned for us. The better you are, the more pure, the brighter and more powerful a battery you will be. Now does that teaching make more sense - you all be good now.
I have read his full story and he used to send me loads and loads of messages in my previous youtube account.. I don't take that story in its entirety as it does not add to what I really know what is going on and he is the only one with such story.. Might be some mind programmed victim or CIA plot!
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