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Default Re: alien agenda taking place proof is in my story and the infrastructure already bui

all i can tell you is what happend to me and what i learned along the way, the people that i met and what i learned i havnt been out there looking at this theory or that i havnt been blinded by all the hoopla all i can tell you is what i have see with my own eyes and what i learned so read all thats out there and then look look at all the new jails supposedly empty due to lack of funding these new jails are all over the planet,,,,then look at the top of the mark o hatfield building in portland oregon.....look at the technology not the fans in the middle on the front end of the building....look close because you find an explanation as to what it is .....i already did they showed the same technology on a broadcast on pbs and opb pertaining to particle accelerators they showed the same thing at fermi lab outside chicago

as i have said many times they took all from me killed all that i love for that i will never forgive nor forget or let go of,,,at this point all i want is death and it will be a welcome blessing as compared to what they did to my life......

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didn't i tell before that i don't entirely take his story??? I know the agenda is going on but most of what he says is not completely skews what really is going on. Yes ur clone can be created, yes nsa and cia are involved with alien ****s, also yes there are many shapeshifters...but no there are no such weird alien groups who want to replace each of us and no they are not take souls to drive their engines...that;s not possible...

To explain the real agenda i have to tell u little bit of history (of our liner timeline) in very very short ...
Millions and millions of years ago when draco (reptilians) forces attacked lyrae (mammalians) ..many lyraen migrated to rigel (in orion), antaries, tau ceti, pleiades, procyon, aruturus, etc. Some of these refugees also came to our solar system and created civilizations on mars and maldek (now asteroid belt) after this happened draco stared to invade our solar system and the rigel system with the help of sirius-a technology.. (sirian as are not lyraen refugees, different beings) during this time many planets and star nations joined and formed galactic inter-planetary federation with the lyrean high council to unite themselves against further draco invasion. To invade this (our) solar system draco used hollowed ice comet (draco warriors inside) which is now planet venus.. Maldek got destroyed...mars atmosphere wiped out... Many martian and maldekan refugees fled to nearby star system e.g. Alpha century..some came to earth. Draco also invaded rigel system (mind control and all, what nwo is doing here now) and completely altered rigel beings genetics who are now known as rigel tall greys (fully mind controlled under draco) rigel along with dracos manipulated and created zeta reticuli i and ii greys for their planetary invasion and mind control proposes..
So.. After the fall of maldek and mars (mars being occupied by draco mainly) later draco drove an hollowed-out asteroid from ursa minor (near draco) with draco warriors and parked on the orbit around earth (now called as moon). These draco from moon and venus came to earth and created a civilization called lemuria, fully reptilian culture.. Lemuria was land on pacific ocean encompassing south east asia and australia. (note: When earth was on second orbit to sun it was not inhabitable except for amphibians and macroscopic organisms) after many thousand years, one very conservative group from pleiades (known as atlans) who did not want to join galactic federation were sent to earth (maybe to learn lesson or something) and they created the atlantis civilization (now under atlantic ocean) civilization.... Also note: Pleiades have more than 16 systems and cultures in their star constellation.. Most of these new age channel messages are from tower and satellites and thatís a fact!! To cut long story short, after many battles between thousands of years between lemurian dracos and atlantean nordics, lemuria fell and was defeated... Most part of lemuria sank due to geomagnetic weapons. Remaining lemurian dracos went inside the hollow earth and started their own civilization and planned their own agenda, some went to india and stared hindu religion..some went somewhere else blah blah... Later atlantis also fell in 3 consecutive disasters and sank. Atlantean refuges went to americas, near europe and ireland areas, etc..... (man, this is getting too long) to cut story short, after creation of sumerian civilization lemurain draco started hybridization program ..hijaked kings and queens and created illuminati hybrid blood have to keep in mind that after fall of atlantis earth was a free for all playground because no one was in control of the planet so, thousands of alien and et groups came and went some of them added their own genetics some created their own human prototype (e.g. Anunnaki created black race, procyon mixed their genetics to create maya, antaries added genetics to ppl in greece, etc.....) very very very long and complex story... Also you should know that there have been times when beings from other realities and timelines entered our timeline and some of them tampered with the parts of civilization too. To cut the story, this illuminati then migrated to persia, some went to lower tibetan region some to japan, all with different names and disguise as kings and rulers. They also hijacked roman empire. They mixed with celts (atlantean refugees and created 13 distinct illuminati bloodlines who are still interbreeding to maijtain their 50/50 human/reptilian dna split. Note that these hybrid illuminati are different than lemurian (now living in hollow earth and underworld caves) and original cut the story short nwo agenda is very very ancient and is now carried out by rigel greys, zeta reticuli, illumianti and committee of 300. They all serve their master draco. They carry and do mind control and programming, genetic experimentation, psyops, economic recession, wars, etc for ages and millennia now . Roswell crash was staged (meaning deliberately shoot down the craft) so was moon landing and jesus christ ascension.. (jesus is same as other gods in egyptian, hindu and other religions because all these religions were created by same groups) there was a jesus character but his name was not jesus and he died in kashmir india. To cut the story short nwo agenda is to create new empire in our solar system (in this part of our galaxy) to further invade inner part of the galaxy. Their nwo completion date was originally year 2000 but now is 2012.. And their main weapon is mind programming and control... No there is no 2012 ascension or benevolent ets coming down here to save... New age movement is also part of program.. We have to take our own responsibility and reclaim our minds. We attracted all these so solutions are within us. We as a species should get rid of the victimization mind pattern and this tyranny will be over. I think zeitgeist addendum is perfect solution..i.e. To stop cooperating with the system and also empowering individually!! Hope that helps!

Btw this has been talked by collier, stewart and many others..they are telling the truth.. Many disinfo also going on.. If you put ur dna frequency in pineal gland in visualization then you will also remember most of these events through ur genetic history. Also you can find through oversoul communication which i am not good at.. Also by using pale orange energy which i am also not good at as i cannot always see energy fields and colors (still amature)..
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