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Default Re: alien agenda taking place proof is in my story and the infrastructure already bui

Originally Posted by seashore View Post
What about anticipated "earth changes" as in pole shift/tsunami? I know Stewart Swerdlow does not believe there is anything going on with the galactic center...

Have you researched this issue?
To be honest I don't know about this energy coming out of galactic center...some scientific reports seems plausible but could be something else. Whereas, galactic cycle is true but it does not lead to ascension to 4th or 5th density that is a stupid joke.. I am not even sure when this cycle is going to occur, or its cycle period.. but whenever it might be it will only be just another good morning! At least this is what I believe. Earth change (or should we say solar system change? is happening) and illumnati's are also artificially amplifying the earth changes.. Kuipers belt aliens (KBA) comes into play here and no one is sure till now, not even illuminati's and Draco, abt what these KBA have in their agendas. Tsunamis and earthquakes will be happening in near future both artificial and natural but will this lead to pole shift? I don't know depends on what people want and choose.
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