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Default Re: alien agenda taking place proof is in my story and the infrastructure already bui

Originally Posted by seashore View Post
I thought the pole shift caused the tsunami!

About the KBAs, you say no one is sure till now... Can you elaborate a little bit? You're not saying now it's known what their agenda is, are you?

Okay, you say this stuff depends on what people want and choose. I'm exploring this issue on another thread. I hope you'll have time to post on it...
Tsunamis can be created artificially too...first they prepare with massive rituals and also crop circles imprinting to prepare earth then they use scalar electromagnetic weapons or small scale neutron bombs to create artificial earthquake underwater that leads to tsunami at desired places. Same goes with storms and Hurricane.. But all these can happen naturally too. I don't want to categorically divide events to artificial and natural because sometimes one artificially induced event leads to another natural event. These all are happening because humans' collective mind-pattern is attracting all this..this is why we are here to learn to empower oneself, to get rid of victimization mentality, to be our own government and to become as one. Collective subconscious (species mind pattern) is co-creating foundational reality and when mass mind programming and control is applied on the population then this collectively subconscious are directed by those in control. Who are the only one that can save us? We ourselves!

Refer to my first post in this thread: to know what I know about KBAs... ppl who gave me this info said that no one yet knows what these KBAs agenda really is but we are sure of one thing; they are quarantining this solar system. Maybe Stewart found out more info abt KBAs through his scanning and contacts, He has a seminar about it and other topics today.

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