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Default Re: alien agenda taking place proof is in my story and the infrastructure already bui

TTW: What kind of aliens do you think are the malevolent ones who have been abusing the human race? Where do they live? Should they just leave Earth...or should they leave the Solar System? If they arrived in Spaceship Moon and Spaceship Venus...should they take their spaceships with them when they leave? What would happen to Earth if Venus and the Moon were removed? I hope they don't ram us with Venus or the Moon in an episode of interplanetary space-rage! Can't you just see a Reptilian smoking a cigar while ramming Earth with the Moon?!! I don't want them to be hurt or killed. I don't want them to go away mad. I just want them to go away. Don't let the Asteroid Belt hit you guys on your way out of the Solar System! Go with God!

Or should I say...Leave with Lucifer? may turn out that you Reptilians and Greys are much smarter and more advanced than we are(I suspect that we have obtained science, technology, architecture, art, music, religions, literature, etc. from you)...but the evidence is that you have been harsh taskmasters of the human race...and even if there was a reason for you to be here in the past...that time has passed. You Reptilians and Greys probably think I'm a smart-alec ingrate...and you would be correct. I just want Earth to be run properly. There are irreconcilable differences between our least historically and presently. We could call this proposed split...a trial separation. You get Venus and the Moon. We get Earth and the Kids. I really mean no harm...and I really don't know what I'm talking about...but this is how I see things presently.

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