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Default Re: alien agenda taking place proof is in my story and the infrastructure already bui

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
What part of the following did I not get?

'Also, there are no such thing as malevolent or benevolent that's only human perception.. Different ETs and Aliens have different nature most of them (ETs) in our galaxy are perceived as benevolent by us.'

You seem to be implying that ETs are not a threat or danger to humans. I tend to think that the ones who are here are not our friends. Who was it that said 'there is no right or wrong...but thinking makes it so'? I disagree with that statement. I want to peacefully interact with non-humans of all kinds...but I'm not really into the enslavement and extermination know...E&E.
My whole point from rest of the posts was that Draco, Illuminati, and some greys are threat to us as long as we allow them to control us. Most of the ETs in our galaxy are neural or benevolent and this is a fact! This doesn't mean that Dracos and Rigelians are good to us! This was the primary reason why galactic federation was formed and we are not yet ready to join this federation (or any other councils) because our species mind pattern is in victimization state. We can never be free from Draco and others' tyranny and occupation unless we reclaim ourselves and be our own government! That's the whole point and for this to happen massive awakening is vital!
Also There is a difference between ETs and Alien in government terminology. Stew explains this in this video:

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