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Default Re: alien agenda taking place proof is in my story and the infrastructure already bui

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Sometimes I'm not sure if our species is in victimization state or predatory state. The two states feed off of each other. It seems as though we need to battle both extremes...and end up in a state of personal responsibility...where we are neither masters nor slaves.
When there is a victimization mind pattern then you attract predator. You could individually also attract negative experiences because of some of your issues from simultaneous existences (past and future lives within different timeliness).

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
By the the reptilians and greys prefer to live underground...or do they live underground because they have to? Do they really want to mostly exterminate us...and completely take over the surface world?
I don't know about greys but Lemurian Dracos prefer to live on warmer surface and many do live on uninhabited warm areas on earth. They do want to officially completely take over (indirectly they already control everything) but they don't want population wiped out. if they really wanted to exterminate us then they would have done so ages ago. If you have 15 free slaves and servants in your home then do you want to wipe 10 out and only keep 5 when you know that 15 would better serve you? No. They only don't want truly awakened ppl. All these theory about population reduction and blah blah.. are to keep ppl in fear and panic (Alex Jones??) so that they can be easily controllable. But mind you that they do want certain races of ppl to be completely wiped out.
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